Migraine Detective is a digital headache diary that helps to find your migraine triggers.

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Why Migraine Detective?

If you are here, there is a good chance that your doctor had recommended you to keep a migraine diary to log your potential migraine triggers. We believe that a paperless diary provides many benefits for keeping your migraine triggers tracked.

  • Primary or secondary headaches?
  • Writing a headache diary
  • Identifying migraine triggers

Talk to your doctor

A certified neurologist will give a proper migraine diagnosis. First of all, she will determine whether you have primary or secondary migraines. If you are being diagnosed with chronic migraine or headaches, she may recommend you writing a headache diary to identify the triggers.

What are migraine triggers?

  • Migraine and lifestyle diary
  • More than 12 diary categories
  • Flexible tagging

Keep a headache diary

Track your lifestyle events as well as migraine episodes and medicines with Migraine Detective. The more you add to the diary, the better chances are that you will be able to identify patterns that trigger your migraine episodes.

View migraine diary examples

  • Frequency of migraine episodes
  • Details about medication intakes
  • Patterns of events triggering migraines

Get meaningful insights

Identify patterns of events that trigger your migraines with advanced reporting features. Migraine Detective provides you with meaningful data points that you can share with your doctor and support your conversation.​​

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Top Grade Security

Your data will always be safe and secure with a bank-grade security and encryption systems.

The diary data is stored on secure servers controlled by Firebase (Google) as per "Platform as a Service" conditions.

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